Philosophy of Education Statement

 Why are the social, political, economic and cultural realities what they are? What is my location in this reality? How have I been shaped by these realities? When educators and professionals begin to ask these questions earnestly about themselves, the people they serve and the institutional structures in which we operate, we may find some very different relationships about the nature of education.

Education as a transformative process occurring within humans in every context that we inhabit as social beings, is different from the process of schooling. The concept of the educator as facilitator engenders a perspective different from the traditional role of the education. The traditional educator's role that distinguishes the teacher from the Leaner denies the highest human potential of each to be expressed. Education is a process by which we both teacher and leaner at the same instance in social spaces, Allow for conceptualization of educator as facilitator who is not only the teacher but the leaner.

As an educator, I endeavor to expose the assumptions of the worldview that underlie the topics being considered. As facilitator I take on the additional task of examining my own underlining assumptions that belie the subject that is being discussed. I choose to take on this task because of who I am and what I have become as a change agent.
Therefore, my teaching/facilitation style is open and I hope to cover ideas that have not been discussed or explored before collaboration with my students. Given this purpose,my teaching style tends to ask many questions in order to function as a facilitator, yet transferring the skills that the course is structured to transmit.

My motivation for being an educator is that I love learning, teaching people and human dynamics, thus being a facilitator allows me to not only experience all four things but to lead the process. I am an educator because I enjoy supporting people so they can realize their full potential and contribute to building a better society. I view their encounter with me as an opportunity for me to provide them a glimpse of their true potential. My reward is that I get to learn something about myself, accomplish a goal and is some small way  contribute to transforming the world.
Then I Found My Spirit
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Tuesday, 31 January 2023
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